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Is AFC Really FREE?

Nothing, zero, zilch, nada. That's what this will cost you. AlwaysFreeChat is entirely FREE to use. We will never ask you for a credit card and you don’t even need to sign up for a membership. Just enter into the system and start having fun.

AlwaysFreeChat is entirely supported by our sponsors and advertisers. We can provide this service to you for free because we occasionally show you ads like the one below. By supporting the advertisers on our system you help us to be able to continue to offer all services at no charge.


What is a Chat Line?

AlwaysFreeChat is easy to use with simple and straight-forward instructions. AFC is a VOICE based chat system. When you first go in you will answer a couple simple questions and pick the system you want to use. You will then record a brief voice message that others on the system will hear. For example:  "Hi, it's Julie - it's 7 o'clock, does anyone want to talk?"

You will in turn hear other people's voice greetings and have the option to respond with messages or talk live to anyone you want. It's FREE to use for everyone.

Is This Safe?

Since this is COMPLETELY FREE you NEVER have to provide AFC with any credit card or other sensitive information. No one on the system can get your phone number or email address unless you give it to them - so don't.

When you are using the AFC system, we encourage all users to exercise caution in what personal information, if any, you share with anyone on the system. For your safety, DO NOT meet anyone you speak to on this system as we do not screen anyone in anyway whatsoever. AFC is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Click here for more frequently asked Questions & Answers.

Which Chat Community Should I Choose?

We support seven distinct chat communities - and you can choose which to enter every time you visit! YOU are always in control of what you want to do and WHO you want to chat with. Communities are simply a way of helping you find the people you are most interested in talking with. We encourage you to try more than one to find the place where you'll have the most fun!

Our current communities are:

  • The Chat Line (English)
  • Sports Chat (English)
  • Black Chat (English)
  • LGTBQ Chat (English)
  • Trump Chat (English Politics)
  • The Chat Line (Spanish)
  • The Chat Line (French)

Why VOICE Chat?

free voice chat
If you want to just type in a chat room then there are thousands of other sites you can decide to use. On AlwaysFreeChat you are deciding who you want to TALK to anonymously based on hearing someone's voice - not just a few typed words.

We've also made a point of not allowing any pictures on the system because - if we are honest - we all know that a huge percentage of the pictures people post aren't real anyway and this just detracts from the chat experience. Don't even get us started on the rude pictures that get posted and the pressure you're always under to post a picture back.

So instead of all that pressure, please enjoy this fun, safe, anonymous VOICE Chat Line experience.

A Better Way To Chat!

Always Free Chat (AFC) was created because we thought there had to be a better way. We would go to a site and have to enter an email address right away before even knowing if it was something we wanted to use. If we didn’t even use the site, we would still be sent countless emails and spam. Then there were the accounts that advertise "FREE"... then after using up the trial period or the "credits" you would be asked non-stop to make a purchase to use the system.

We found this way of doing business unacceptable. AFC is a massive undertaking of providing an absolutely FREE community for live voice chat. We don't try and sneak in some advertising into your paid service – we put the ads right up front. It is these advertisers and sponsors that allow us to offer the system completely FREE. We hope you will actively support and shop through this site and help keep this system entirely free.